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Mostly Raw Grocery Haul

Heyo, everyone! I wanted to share how easy it is to pick up plant-based whole foods diet! Right now, I’m doing a before & after challenge for my vegan-versary/birthday coming up early September. For this challenge, I’m hitting the gym almost every day and eating a lot more raw fruits and veggies to optimize my […]

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3 Foods You THINK Are Healthy

Ever heard these conversation starters before? Person 1:“Ugh, I need to start eating healthy!” Person 2: “Oh, I know!!! I made this really nice baked chicken dish the other day w/ some low-fat cheesy broccoli! So delicious and healthy. Person: 3“ That sounds so amazing! I saw something online that the BEST breakfast is a […]


The Truth About Protein Pt. 2

*Disclaimer: This may contain some sensitive content Hello fellow Earthling. I’m sure we’ve all heard that phrase before, or at least the word: Earthling. The definition is pretty basic; it means inhabit of Earth. You, me, the raccoon down the road—we’re all exclusive creatures from this planet. We’ve heard of racism, sexism, etc. When someone […]

3 Things to Promote Positivity

Folks on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, even the promotional emails that land in my inbox all have the same message lately. “Postive Vibes”; it may seem a little hippie, but it brings a message that we can all tune into. The type of “vibe” or vibration something gives off is real. You see, nothing ever rests. […]

The Truth About Protein Pt.1

I’ve decided to make this a multi-part series. I know it sounds like potentially a lot, but there’s a lot you need to know. I want to make this subject more collected so you can go back and read about a specific subject at any time. Just a reminder: This blog is to educate you […]

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3 Plant-Based Breakfast Recipes

*Disclaimer: These recipes will be at their optimum, as long as you do not substitute or mix with any animal-based products. There are thousands of recipes that use cows milk, meat, & cheese. This is not one of those recipes. Plant-based foods are what your body needs and has been looking for in order to […]

10 mood boosting foods

10 Mood Boosting Foods

These are 10 stimulating foods you can have every day, throughout the day. Most of the foods are fruits, which are very obtainable and cost-effective. What’s important to know about these foods is that they are all plant-based. No meat, no fish, no eggs. Nor am I going to point you in the direction of any highly processed food, […]

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The Impact of Stress

Do you find yourself constantly overthinking, or talking down to yourself when something goes wrong? Thrashing out on others, or completely isolating yourself when there’s a lot of pressure? We like to think that stress only affects us emotionally, that is not the case. In reality, stress has a profound effect on every essence in […]

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Health Matters Today

When you think of ‘health’, what comes to mind? Magic pills, potions, and patches? Do you think of a vegetarian meal with soggy broccoli, served with more soggy salad? How about the guy in the gym with chiseled muscles and million dollar workout gear? Or the worst, plain corn flakes. That’s what I was conditioned to think […]